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Sport fishing in the Atlantic is an outstanding experience

To pull a fish out of the water with a fiberglass rod strained to its capacity and put the fish back in the water again, is a passion many people have and Gran Canaria is without doubt one of the best places to feed that passion.
Whether you are a beginner or have fished for many years Gran Canaria is the place to catch the BIG one!!!!

Some information about fishing around Gran Canaria.

Many say that the warmer the water the bigger the fish and the season for catching those fish in Gran Canaria begins between March, April and ends again in October.

Most catches at this time of year mainly consist of different types of tuna, for example. Bonito Del Norte: 2-5 kg not very big, but definitely a fish that gives fight. Then we have the Blue fin, Yellow fin and Big eye Tuna which can range from 20 to 150 kg. The Wahoo could be considered as a saltwater Pike and is the fastest fish around here when it bites it comes often with a speeds of 100 km/h or more.

Wahoo can grow up to 30 kg but up to a meter long and is without doubt designed for speed.

The Dorado is one of the most beautiful and tasty fish we catch. It is not large, 2-15 kg, but since it's a fish that only swims in schools then you would you would not expect to catch large quantities unless you trawled through the same area several times.


White Marlin is a fish up to 50 kg, but we must be careful as it easily gets off the line, and it may take time to land one. This fish will be released straight back into the wild after the photograph is taken as long as it has not been damaged.

Finally there is the Blue Marlin, also called the king of the sea. Blue Marlin is a big strong fish that range from 150-400 kg and take several hours too land and even if you think you are an experienced persevering angler you will no doubt be tired as this fish does not give in easily.(All Marlin are released back into the water if not damaged)

All of these fish are caught by trawling which means looking for life on the surface which will identify a large school of fish are present beneath the waves such as gulls, flying fish,or dolphins.

Fishing rest of the year is mostly bottom fishing and you fish in 50 to 150 meters depth, rarely the fish here are more than 5 kg but there is no fight with this type of angling  it is rather like pulling fish from a bucket.

Fishing competitions

There are some great fishing competitions here every summer, from Puerto Rico last week in July, Pasito Blanco (near Playa del Inglés) last week in August, and on Fuerteventura one or two weeks in September.
These competitions are very popular because there are great prizes to win: cars, apartments,
tackle, fishing trips around the world etc. It is in these competitions that the "big boys” show up and there are also boats participating from the other islands and some even come from the mainland.

Fishing in these competitions is a little more expensive, because the fishing is for 8 hours, and the costs can be up too 300 euros or more to compete.( Please be aware that these prices change from year to year).

Canaria Info has chosen to work with New Felusi as it is a boat with a local crew. This always means that you will be taken too the best places with the richest fishing areas. I am sure that many of those who have fished from Puerto Rico, remember Felusi and its crew and maybe also the Dane sitting on the harbor selling tickets. Felusi is replaced with a new catamaran, the crew from those times have retired, and the Dane is not sitting in the harbor more, but now he sits behind the screen and writes about fishing trips with the New Felusi here on

The Catamaran "New Felusi"

New Felusi is a 12 meters long and 4 meters wide catamaran built in 1998 in Catagena, south of Alicante on the eastern Spanish coast. New Felusi is equipped with two MAN diesel engines each with 350 HP, so there is enough power when we need to hunt for the big fish. New Felusi sail with max 12 people - 10 passengers and 2 crew members.
New Felusi has all the modern equipment to rely on, for example: plotter, sonar and all statutory and radio, Beacon radio, life jackets, etc.

From our cowling you can enjoy the beautiful view of the waves and there is also good opportunity to see dolphins, flying fish, whales, sea turtles and all the life on the surface showing us the way to the big fish.

We fish by trawling and bottom fishing. Trawling is best from April to October, the rest of the year we fish mostly on the bottom and in general we can say that there are not many days we do not bring fish back home with us.

In the quiet moments of the trip, you can bask on the bow of the boat, so in addition to fishing you can also enjoy the sailing trip.

You can book your fishing trip as a single person, where the fishing is with max 9 others or you can book the entire boat if you are a little group fishing together. If you choose the whole boat you get the boat too yourselves, and you have the opportunity to be involved in the planning of  both options of the days fishing and you can you of course book directly here at

Family trip without fishing

"New Felusi also caters for just family sailing trips where there is no fishing just relax and enjoy a day on the ocean ! you will find more information on this option under the heading of  “boat trips” on our website

If you want more information about fishing or rent the boat for a family trip, we will help you more, just fill in the registration form.

                         We look forward to seeing you on board



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