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Summer Activities perfect for All Ages.

It´s a fact that more families with children, spend their summer holidays in Gran Canaria than do in the winter months. During the winter season Gran Canaria is the ideal destination for mainly older people
because of all the health benefits. Now the summer season is right on our doorstep.
That means a slight change in the activities on offer in Gran Canaria. We have put together a list of Fun and Exciting activities for you to take part in and too bring the whole family together.

Palmitos Park.

Here we have an incredibly exciting and beautiful animal park. Offering Dolphin show and bird of prey display and show.
During the big fire at Palmitos Park in 2007, where more than 50% of the Park burned down, many of the animals had to be set free to save their life. After rebuilding the Park, they managed to re capture more than 80% of the animals again.
Palmitos Park now appears as a beautiful and modern animal park, where you easily can spend a whole day enjoying seeing all the beautiful animals.
By clicking this link.You can read more about the park :



In Bahia Feliz,right behind the little private airport. You find a 967 meters karting tracks lanes, lot´s of space for you to show, who is the best racing driver in your family. You find a smaller track lane with power-driven go-karts for the young ones in the family, where they can enjoy drive around in a safe environment.
You also find a track lane with faster Go kart, this track is for riders, who wants to practice their driving skills, before going on the big one.

Finally, there is the long track lane for those who do not fear speed and excitement, here you drive super fast Go karts. You can feel the petrol and the smell of burn tires, when you go around the track.
Even though noise of the engine, you can still hear the cheering from the spectators
By clicking this link You can read more about the go-kart place:


Angry Bird park Puerto Rico

Here we have a large playground for young and old children. Activity park pack with a good variety of funny playgrounds activities. You can easily spend a few hours here. One thing is for sure someone may be tired from playing when you get back to the hotel.
Here you can read about some reviews from previous guests at the Angry Park:


Sioux City.

This is a true copy of a city, back in the wild west days, showing you how the good old cowboys where living.
Here you have cattle running through the city, you can experience a bank robbery, where the robbers of course are "hanged". You can´t have cowboys without Indians, gunfights between the good and the bad and much more. You find lots of shows/performances everywhere in Sioux City.
When visiting Sioux City, remember to wear clothes you don´t mind-- smelling of cattle and being a bit dusty afterwards.You can read more about Sioux City here:


Water park Maspalomas.

This water park is so big that non one get´s a changes to get bored. So many opportunities for family fun rides plus a few adrenaline pack rides as well. All the kids are in a safe environment, so you as parent can relax in the sun or join your kid on the rides.
Some of the rides has a ages minimum. What more can you ask for then water-fun-sun.
You can read more about Aqualand Maspalomas here:

Here you can really have fun. Outdoors you find lots funfair activities for children of all ages. Inside you find Bowling lanes for the whole family, restaurants, fun arcade games. Best choice for a day of family fun. You can read more about Holiday World here:



Kamel Safari Dunas Maspalomas.

BBedouin for a day, yes why not. Here you have changes to get a trip around the desert, on the back of these ugly smelly peaceful animals. In front you have a leader and everyone else are tied together and walk i a line. So no panic the Camel are not gonna do a runner with you.
Enjoy your peaceful and fun trip on the camel,where you are rocked from side to side.
You can read more about this trip in the sand here


Fun in the Atlantic Ocean

The sea around Gran Canaria is pack with lots of great fun. You can go for a swim, why not buy a mask and snorkel for almost no money and enjoy the hidden world under the surface of the ocean.
You find water sport activities for the whole family : Fishing trip, Jet ski, Para sailing, surfing the list goes on. You can read more about activities in the wet element here


Museum ”Elder” Las Palmas.

Elder museum of Science and Technology Las Palmas

Visiting a Museum when you are on holiday in Gran Canaria will probably sound like a weird idea, BUT this is not a boring trip to the museum.
This museum are more like a exhibition center, where you can touch, discover and learn. You have lots of buttons to press for all the children in the family. If you are planing a trip to Las Palmas why not give this museum a visit.
You can read more about "Elder" here:



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