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The beach at San Agustin is dominated by stone, so it's important to remember footwear that should always be used on the beach and in the water. The beaches on this part of Gran Canaria gets very busy every weekend with local people from the northern part of the island. They leave the town and dominate the beach areas.

To observe the local families is interesting, as they often consist of 10-20 people setting up their own small kitchen on the beach,In the kitchen tent the women will normally prepare large amounts of various local delicacies which are then served onto tables and chairs and covers are laid in the shade so that the family can eat chat and then rest.

Some tourists think these locals are noisy and annoying, but you must remember that they live in a city and just like the tourists come to the beach to relax and so they head to the south of the island to enjoy the sun, the sea and the fresh air. It is part of their culture. This is why people travel to Gran Canaria to experience this lifestyle.

So if you want peace and quiet, you should stay away from the beach of San Agustin over the weekend.

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