When you wander around between the houses in the cowboy town of Sioux City on Gran Canaria, you can almost sense the voice of John Wayne. Sioux City on Gran Canaria is filled with life – both in the streets and in the saloon. You can experience a real bank robbery, and the robbers, who are not killed during the robbery, will be hanged – this takes place several times a day! The saloon has several shows, including one with Indian dancers that are very skilled. You can also experience what happens if you cheat during a game of poker.  

Every Friday, you can enjoy a barbecue with free drinks which means you have to leave your revolver at the entrance – along with your horse. However, you have to remember the ´bear´ when the night comes to an end.

Sioux City on Gran Canaria is very dry, so do not wear your finest outfits as your clothes will get very dirty due to all the dust. Sioux City is definitely worth a visit – regardless of age and gender. Remember to keep the gunpowder dry for this excursion.

Different shows in the saloon begin at 11.00 AM

Bus number 45 towards Sioux City leaves from San Agustin and Playa Del Ingles. From Puerto Rico and Faro (Meloneras), you must use bus number 70.

Sioux City is open from 10.00-15.00.  Sioux City is closed on Mondays.

You can buy tickets directly at Canariainfo - just send us an email.


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