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San Agustin - Gran Canaria is the first ´real´ tourist destination that you come across when leaving the airport "Gando" on Gran Canaria and heading south on the old main road.

 The pricey and large villas with a fantastic view are located on the plateau to the right of the main road. Many pensioners from Norway and Sweden reside in San Agustin during the winter or all year long, thereby giving San Agustin a Scandinavian touch.

 In San Agustin - Gran Canaria, you will find a Swedish school, a Norwegian hairdresser, the private hospital ´Clinica Rosa´ and German cafes with well-known pastries as well as a variety of shops that offer Nordic specialities.

 The large shopping centre is made up of four floors, thus providing you with everything you need - from Italian shoes to the latest fashion trends from Paris as well as well-known jewellers. In addition, you will find kiosks that sell Nordic newspapers, Swedish snuff, German draught beer, local art, crafts and embroideries that have been made in the small villages inland.  

Furthermore, San Agustin is packed with bars, restaurants and take-away shops that offer delicacies from the north. Thereby, it is possible to eat Nordic cuisine such as ´Pyt i Panne´ from Sweden, lamb from Norway, a Danish ´Hotdog´ and a German ´Curry Wurst´.

 On weekends, San Agustin is a popular destination for locals from Las Palmas and they may take up a large part of the beach, which is 700 metres long. Thus, their presence may be seen as a part of the local culture or, if peace and quiet is preferred, one can simply choose to stay away on Sundays.

 If you want to know more about San Agustin and the range of activities located nearby, or you want to share a pleasant experience from this area, please send us an email.


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