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RESTAURANT Barbacoa  - Shopping center Europe,  Puerto Rico

Barbacoa is an International Cuisine Restaurant situated on the top of the mountain in Puerto Rico, with impressive views of the Atlantic Ocean.
We open early in the morning. It is possible to enjoy a good breakfast in one of terraces or to buy the fresh Danish bread and to take it to the hotel. The menu is very varied, we have scampi, pizza, fresh fish, paella etc. Also we serve Danish specialties as sandwiches and fish filets.

Every night there are free spectacles: Tom Jones, Abba, The Drifters and Drag Show among others.
During the winter period (from November until April) we have Danish entertainment every Monday and Tuesday.
Jacob Haugaard, Sussi and I Read, Bjorn and Johnny Hansen (father and son), Kirsten Siggard, Keld and Hild, Finn Nørbygaard and many many others.......
Consult the programm in "Danske stjerner paa toppen" on

Danish Bakery

The bakery of our reataurant offers fresh baked bread, Rye bread, bread  rolls and sweet buns every morning.

Our Danish bakery bakes bread every day and you are free to choose if you want to enjoy the bread with us or if you prefer to take it to the hotel and to enjoy it on your own balcony.
The bakery opens every morning at 08:00. For the coffee time we sell, of course, home-made cakes and other delights.


On all the TV screens of the RESTAURANT Barbacoa we show the main Danish and international sports events, for example: the soccer, the handball, ski and many others.
Here it is where the Danish, Norwegian and Swedish fans meet when there are European and world championships, both in soccer and in handball. During these events you will enjoy a completely magic atmosphere.

If you would like to be informed about the news we have TV2 NEWS 24 hours. And if you like Danish talk shows or the popular series and daily programs - you will watch them here directly from the Danish television.


You can find us here.

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