It is in Puerto Rico as in other places on Gran Canaria, a struggle to get as many people into his restaurant as possible, preferably before they come over to the neighbor, so it is not certain they will come back. For this purpose, you are more or less imaginative, for example. then you bid a little one to the neck, when approached menu sign, which, incidentally, is 8 -10 different languages, with a translation which at times can resemble a completely different language. Some places have a local musician who stands at the entrance and play on his instrument, but in the evening falls a few tones, as the small, fast slides down the throat. Live music during dinner is also used, and it may well be nice if it were not so loud. Those who run away with the victory are the places where there is a possibility of a watch sports on a great big flat screen, and the major sporting events, one has the more compromising his principles, and rent a television - just like your neighbor.
Good food, almost all, taste can not be discussed, but quality and price as announced jointly hear and those who sell a good piece of meat for 25 Euros, has enough minor tendons than those who can sell it for 17 Euro.


Restaurant "El Cenador Grill"

   Puerto Rico 928 562 310

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