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There are many different boat trips from Puerto Rico – Gran Canaria with sailing or motorized boats - so there should be something for everyone. They all depart more or less at the same time, have the same destination, serve the same food, and return in the afternoon.


There are two types of sailing boats: the old pirate ship made of wood and a modern fibreglass boat. Yachtsmen know what is preferred. There are several motorized boats; however, we do recommend the smaller boats as the atmosphere on here is cosier and you meet new people, whereas the larger boats are boarded by 250 guests or more – however, you are still able to enjoy the trip.



In addition, you are able to book a private boat trip which allows you to decide what you want to do during the hours that you have paid for. If you are travelling as part of group, this is a good way to spend a day – but remember to book it in advance.


A good idea is to walk around on the harbour, when the various boats return, and soak up the atmosphere of the returning tourists. This allows you to select the boat trip that meets your needs. However, all boat trips have one thing in common – you have to be careful of the sun as you might easily burn as the sun is strong on the ocean, even though it might be cloudy.



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