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Tomato crops both outside and inside Gran Canaria.
Museum about the hard work by the tomato growers.

Long before the first tourists came to Gran Canaria, the inhabitants made a living in completely different way, cultivating tomatoes.

In fact, 1/3 of the island was planted with tomato plants, and today, in many places, you see remains of the terraces they made to guide the water to the plants. It was really hard work from the sun rose and until it got dark.

This meant that many families lived on the plantations, they adapted themselves to livimg with only the most necessary things, the wisest taught the children to read and write when they were finished helping in the field, but all in all, everyone was pleased, you did not have other options.
In Vecindario, a museum has been made showing how they worked and lived at that time. It is located not far from the shopping center "Atlantico" It's really worth a visit as it's done in such a way that you really get a good insight into how their everyday life was.

The exhibition consists of a space of 2 halls of a total of 4000 m2 and there are good explanations in both Spanish and English. A smaller area has also been created in the open air, so it is as natural as it can possibly be.
Just a sidebar. You know many ugly words that you send to people you definitely do not like. On the island there are obviously ugly words, but to call a person for a "Tomatero" (Tomato worker), it doesn’t get any worse than that and it's true even to this day .


The museum is open Tuesday to Saturday from 9.30 AM to 2.30 PM and the address is: Isla de la Graciosa, 33 - 35110 Vecindario



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