Opens July 24. every day from 10 am - - 5 pm

This beautiful animal park is located 10 km from Maspalomas – between two mountain ridges – which means that it might be very warn as no winds are blowing. Palmitos Park has a lot to offer. In addition to the colourful birds, you will find a large house filled with aquariums and a large, beautiful area with a range of orchids as well as a glasshouse with butterflies from all over the world. When you enter this area, you have to pause for a second to experience the fantastic life within the glasshouse. The final attraction is shows containing dolphins and raptors.   
During the great fire in 2007 – when half the island went up in flames – the animals had to be freed as they would not have survived otherwise. Afterwards most of the animals were found, meaning that tourists can now enjoy the ´new´ Palmitos Park that has a lot to offer. You can easily spend all day here, but you have to remember your packed lunch if you do not want to spend your money in the cafeteria.
Palmitos Park opens every day at 10.00  

Bus number 45 towards Palmitos Park leaves from San Agustin and Playa Del Ingles. From Puerto Rico and Faro (Meloneras), you must use bus number 70 – both buses leave for Palmitos Park twice an hour.

Palmitos Park is located here



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