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Patalavaca a small cozy resort town on Gran Canaria

Patalavaca is probably one of the smallest cities in the tourist area, but it is certainly not boring. It is believed that there is virtually nothing but the building you see, just around the roundabout, but it's not quite right. On one side of the roundabout is one of the oldest apartment complexes, called "Donana", it is located in the corner and all apartments have sea views.


On the other hand there is a small shopping center where you can also find some restaurants and you will not see anymore. If you follow the road past the yellow center and keep to the right of the roundabout, you will find a new city, both with rental complexes and residential properties, common to all of them, they have a fantastic views over the sea and the bay in front of "Anfi"

If you want to spend your holidays in Patalavaca, try to rent privately, or go straight to the places you would like to live there are not many charter companies offering something here.

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