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Despite that this pretty big territory between the Playa del Inglés and Pasito Blanco exists more than 10 years, it is known, as "new" among tourists. Hotels, bungalows, shopping centers and other institutions were designed and open before the word crisis extended on the world. The zone Meloneras was thought and focused on at that time still rich Germans and everything therefore was made according to their desires.

Step by step, when everything was constructed, a lot of German population arrived to this place and brought the Euros.

But unfortunately crisis came, Germans ceased to come in a large number and people who was still coming, were not so much generous. The majority of institutions were the mini markets which were constructed quickly and the majority of them - in a bad way. To adapt to this new type of clients and their requirements, many of five-stars hotels turned to hotels with all included and, thus they started attracting absolutely other type of clients.

Despite of everything, zone Meloneras is always alive, in the morning, afternoon, and at night. Walking here in the evening you will still see that there are many clients with credit cards using them without fear. There are very few shops like minimarkets which we are used to meet, for example, in Puerto Rico. On the contrary, there are many shops which sell clothes and other production of famous brands, and there is no doubt concerning quality. Also some shops have Security men to drive away not welcome guests. There are also such shops in which by the rule only one client is permited to stay at the same time. If it is necessary to wait, you can be offered a glass of champagne.

In Meloneras you can find a casino, this zone is full of fascinating night life where you can admire various street actors that makes this zone more interesting and peculiar.

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