The Danish butcher is a small specializing shop. It is situated in a nearby and calm quarter. Here you can buy Danish and Norwegian specialties.Among Danish specialties are: home-made sausages, pâtés, salty meat, scampi salad, roast meat, meat balls and fish balls.There is also a big variety of Danish herring, Danish pickled scampi and Greenland scampi stews.

We also have a large selection of ready meals, ready to heat when you get home, it's been a little late, or you do not want to cook if you are alone, then came the butcher and buy a meal with home.

There are differend kinds of Danish cheese and cheese "brunost" from Norway, delightful Frankfurt sausages and other sausages done without flour. Among Norway specialties there are products of Bull, flat bread "flatbrød", green and yellow peas and several types of cabbage. From November until January there are "pinnekjøtt", "lomper" and "lutefisk".Our ribs is our speciality that attracts many people and the Norwegian meat balls are very popular too...

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In the butcher's shop you will find the best stuffings selection from the island. Tender filets, chops of veal, chops of lamb and much more. Also there is an excellent selection of wines...If you are preparing any kind of celebration come / call / or send us an E-mail so that we organize something very special and exciting for you.

You can also find us on   dykker11
Call us 0034. 928 185 241

C/Tenesoya 41
35120 Arguineguin

Kind regards,
Jennifer and Christian

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