You could share restaurants into 2 groups in Arguineguin South of Gran Canaria, there are restaurants that have a broad "known" range of good food, as we also see other places on the south coast too and then there are the restaurants that are more targeted to local residents on Gran Canaria. You could go out to each of these places only have the menu in Spanish. Coming into such a place, it's just trial and error. These local restaurants located near the harbor, and you walk into the harbor itself, there is a restaurant at one end of the activity room - but there is a wall between, but asks for a meat right in this place, one can be exposed to that they only have fish. Want to know what fish they serve today, you are presented with a still flick their tails, and salt water dripping from it.
If you drive into the village at the cement factory, one finds a few restaurants, right by the water's edge. Here you come in good time, get the coveted spots, and here you will find that Spanish children snorkels with harpoon, and there is profit, so they run directly up to the cook and swap with little money or a cola. Fresher find it is probably not, and it's exciting to sit and observe.
These locations will open at. 13.00 - Spanish eating times on Gran Canaria, and when the service comes up, all the tables occupied, waiting only the bell falls in battle. Servants shouting as "Who is the first" after 4 to 8 tables puts their hand up. Whoever it is closest to being No. 1, and this is how it until there has been ordering at all tables. Napkins are using is not here, but there is put a kitchen roll on each table so you can take the number of leaves needed.
These places are really worth a trip.

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