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Arguineguin is probably the most authentic part of Gran Canaria that you will find close to the tourist areas. At times, it may seem that time has stopped in this tiny fishing village. On one hand, they do not want tourists to ruin the picturesque scenery, but, on the other hand, they are interested in the money that tourists use – it is a bit of a balancing act. However, this has to a certain extent been obtained as part of the old Arguineguin - including the harbour and the village atmosphere – has been maintained, while also providing the area with new housing – for sale and rent. If you are interested in spending a little bit of time on Gran Canaria, you are able to rent housing here at affordable prices. A few Norwegian families live in Arguineguin due to the Norwegian school in Patalavaca.  

If you want do your daily shopping or buy clothes, footwear as well as souvenirs, you have a lot of possibilities here.

If you want to know more about Arguineguin and the range of activities located nearby, or you want to share a pleasant experience from this area, please send us an email.

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