Sex is something that every adult has many times in the life - everyone likes it their own way. There are many possibilities for sexual pleasure on Gran Canaria.

If you often have sexual dreams or imaginations at home and have no possibility to fulfill them at home because of the fear to be recognized in your city , there is a big possibility to realize your sexual dreams in Playa del Inglés on Gran Canaria.

Playa del Inglés is a famous place to spend your holiday also it is known as the paradise for gays, lesbians and Swingers in the whole world.

On the beach there are some small booths, the booth Nº 4 is known as the "freedom headquarters". Here you can arrange a date for the evening, but also if you don´t want to wait, it is possible to go straight to the dunes behind a booth. In this zone it is possible to have a good time your way and to see many different things. So if you are a delicate person we advise to avoid this place. Another matter if you have imaginations to fulfill this is just the wright place for you. You can come with your partner or along.

The booth Nº 7 is a meeting point for gays and lesbians, here it is possible to meet many new people and to arrange a date for the evening or night.

In the area of these two booths there is a nude beach. It is the best place for the visiters who would like to let the sun care their whole body.
You can also come to the nude beach "to open appetite" and later visit one of the swinger clubs of the city. There you will be able to share your body with strangers as it makes hot many people.

If you go on the ground floor of the commercial Center Yumbo at night you will meet many liberal thinking people who were in the morning on the beach. There is also swinger clubs in a cellar of the C.C. Cita and C.C Sandia.
You can start organizing your holiday from your country and get acquainted with interesting people, so you will not waste your time being on the island. Click on "Dating / Swinger contact" and create your own profile. This service is absolutely free. Find plenty of interesting profiles and you´ll never be along on Cran Canaria. As soon as you create the profile, you will get the possibility to correspond with other users, send them your photos and messages.

Create your new profile here take pleasure!

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