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The tourist areas are buzzing - even when the sun has set. When the moon is visible on Gran Canaria, partygoers start to make their move and opportunities are plenty. There are plenty of places with a buzzing vibe where young people and partygoers can enjoy the night. These places are located in all large shopping centres.


A common feature for these clubs is that they open late (midnight) and do not close until 08.00. There are also several gentlemen´s clubs; however, you have to be aware that these places are very expensive. You may easily pay 35 Euros for a small beer and spirits are even more expensive. If you are contemplating not paying, a few rather large individuals will most likely convince you otherwise – and the following treatment involves a large ice pack and subsequent ´pocket pains´.

Partygoers on Gran Canaria should be aware that some places have problems with drinks being spiked, allowing dodgy individuals to help dozy guests – however, the only help that they offer is relieving guests of all their money. Thus, if possible, try to watch them while the mix your drink or buy bottled drinks and never let your drink out or your sight. In addition, Gran Canaria has a lot of problems with drugs so stay clear – there is a zero tolerance policy and, if you are caught, you are a looking at jail time. If you remember this advice, you are in for a good night and the only pain you will experience is a hangover the next day.


Older individuals have limited options. If you want to go dancing after dinner, Puerto Rico has little to offer as ´Bahia Playa´ by the harbour and one or two bars are your only options. However, if you take a trip to Playa del Ingles, you are able to take your partner dancing in several places. Remember to wear trousers or jeans or the night ends at the entrance.

If single men are looking for a bit of R&R, there are plenty of places to go. To put it bluntly, you have several options if you are looking for some female companionship, but be careful – they know how to trick you out of your money. Thus, only bring the amount of money you are willing to spend. Or visit our ´Dating site´.

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