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What cookies are used on this website
* Technical functionality so that your settings are remembered.
* Traffic Measurement, so I we where many people visit the website.
* Assignment of rights on the website (writing blogs and comments)
* Booking of tours and activities

To delete cookies
You can decide whether to accept or delete all cookies or control it individually for each site. You can make individual settings in your browser settings. Be aware that if you delete cookies, you may not use all the website's functions. When cookies are on your pc it is always possible for you to view, modify or delete these cookies. I hope that you will allow my cookies as they help us improve our website.
See the instructions for your browser how to delete cookies on this page.

Google Analytics (traffic measurement)
This website uses cookies from Google Analytics to analyze how users use the site.
Google Analytics sets two types of cookies:
* A persistent cookie that indicates whether the user is recurrent, where the user is coming from, which search engine is used, etc.
* Session Cookies, which are used to show when and how long a user is on the site.
* Session cookies expire after each session, ie when you close your tab or browser.

Google together is not running your IP address with other data Google holds.
All so that we can give you an even better experience on the website
Read more about Google Analytics cookies: How Google Analytics uses Cookies

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Updated November 2015

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